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PET Recycling

PET is one of the few thermoplastics that can be upcycled to achieve resin-like quality. Today, post-consumer bottle flakes are successfully used for food-contact packaging, high-IV strapping bands, and filaments.

Due to its favourable characteristics, the use of PET (polyethylene terephtalate) for food-contact packaging is a success story. But it also causes more PET waste, which in turn raises public interest in this issue. Recycling contributes significantly towards a positive perception of PET packaging: It increases ecological awareness and induces collection of post-consumer waste and obligatory reuse of recycled PET (rPET).

It is projected that within the next ten years the worldwide consumption of PET bottles will double. Even assuming ambitious collection rates, the major share of PET waste will end up in land-fills. Washed and processed PET bottles are a valuable secondary resource. In this context, it is the consumers’ responsibility to contribute to recycling efforts and to welcome products with rPET content – bottles that are turned into fibers, filaments and nonwovens, sheet, strapping, and, most prominently, into bottles again.

Aceretech has the full solution for PET recycling process from crushing, washing,separating, drying and re-pelletizing.


Our washing system consist in shredding the material into small fragments. These fragments still contain residues of the original content, shredded paper labels and plastic caps, glue, organic etc., these are removed by different processes, resulting in pure PET fragments, or "PET flakes", via multiple cold flotation, hot washing and friction washing.

According to the final usage of PET flakes, Aceretech´s PET washing and recycling system divides into 4 categories:
——Bottle to bottle grade,
——Yarn/ filament grade,
——PSF grade,
——Regular grade, such as strapping, brusher making etc.

The output per hour is from 500kg up to 6000kg. Aceretech do customized and turn key project for our clients.


The processing procedure is as following:
Conveying raw material→Label scraper→Manual separation table→Belt conveyor→Crushing with water→ Screw loader→Floating washer→ Screw loader →High speed friction washer→ Screw loader→Hot washer →Screw loader →Floating washer→ Screw loader→Vertical dewatering machine→Wind label remover→Drying system→Storage hopper


Here is the PET washing and recycling line video link on youtube

Base on the PET flakes, Aceretech ATE serie also offer the re-pelletizing solution. PET flakes re-pelletizing machine is good for reducing the plastic degradation, granulating better pellets, which is really a good choice for the customers in PET recycling.


The processing procedure is as following:

Lifting-type drying hopper →Screw loader→Volumetric twin screw metering feeder→ ATE series Twin screw extruder →Electric control system→ Water cooling strands pelletizing system (or under water cutting system).


Special designed compactor is applied to handle low bulk density scraps, such as film, filaments, etc. Pre-crystallization system is required to pre-dry PET regrinds, flakes to guarantee final product quality.

To slow down IV value reducing during PET re-pelletizing, not only impurities, such as PVC contents, moisture, etc., but also precise recycling system and reliable equipment configurations are necessary to put in the solution.

The re-pelletizing system for PET have the output per hour from 350kg up to 1000kg, we do customized and turn key project for our clients.

Here is the PET scraps re-pelletizing video link on youtube.


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