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Recycled PET bottle flakes re-pelletizing

Recycled PET bottle flakes are produced from waste beverage bottles by steps of sorting/ crushing/ washing and drying etc. , therefore recycled PET bottles flakes can be produced at any place where beverage consumption can be occurred. As the main market of recycled PET bottle flakes importing, there are more than 3 million tons PET bottle flakes imported into China every year.


In year of 2017, environmental regulations in China gets more and more strict, waste plastics are completely forbidden to import into China, as part of waste plastics, recycled PET neither can be imported in any forms of bottles bales or flakes; Following the Chinese environmental regulations, recycled plastics can only be imported in the form of granules/chips, therefore, it is necessary to re-pelletize the recycled PET bottles flakes for PET bottle flakes recyclers.

Processing concerns
•    Avoid hydrolyzing during PET bottles flakes re-pelletizing process;
•    Large displacement ventilating device required to realize minimum IV value reducing;
•    Avoid or reduce yellowing effect during re-pelletizing process;
•    Automatic pelletizing method requested to reduce the labor load and realize stable high output.

Recycled PET bottle flakes re-pelletizing flowchart from ACERETECH


Features of PET bottle flakes recycling and pelletizing system from ACERETECH


-    Enough pre-drying time is required before the bottle flakes enter into re-pelletizing step, ACERETECH adopts either venting type compactor or lifting type drying hopper to pre-dry the flakes and remove the moisture from flakes, to avoid PET hydrolyzing during the re-pelletizing process;
-    Combine the features of modular designed processing section and well degassing performance structure from twin screw extruder and automatic 3-level roots type vacuum pump set, limit vacuum degassing pressure can be guaranteed reaching -0.1MPa, to remove the volatiles from PET melts maximumly through degassing unit, so as to guarantee tiny IV value reducing ;
-    Optimized process steps and specialized designed processing section of twin screw extruder, make the PET flakes continuously and efficiently  transforming from solid state into liquid state, to avoid yellowing effect which could be occurred because of dead angle or local high temperature;
-    Strands pelletizing unit is the typical PET pelletizing method, the strands which come out from extruder’s die section, will be manually hauled into the water trough to cool, then, water removed through the air knife device, cut by the rotary blades of pelletizer and form the granules/chips. This strands pelletizing way requests more labor and skilled operation behavior, is suitable to the capacity request below 600kg/h for PET flakes re-pelletizing;
-    But regarding high capacity PET pelletizing job, strands pelletizing way is not suitable, automatic and reliable underwater pelletizing system is necessary to guarantee high output and automation performance.
ACERETECH: professional equipment manufacture of PET bottle flakes re-pelletizing, can provide PET flakes re-pelletizing completed solution

•    Concentration makes profession: ACERETECH only focus on studying of waste plastics re-pelletizing technology over the years,  has accumulated a wealth of experience  on both waste plastics recycling process and related machinery manufacturing ;
•    Trans-industry coordinating: thanks to the coordinate with compounding technology, applying the feature of high volatilization performance from twin screw extruder into PET re-pro process, to assure high efficient degassing performance;
•    IV value reduced less than 0.06 ( test based on clean and dried PET flakes)
•    PET re-pelletizing capacity grades are: 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 1500kg/h and 2500kg/h
(test based on flakes average size of 6mm),to meet different output requests from customers.



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