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PE/PP film/rigid scraps recycling washing machine

Film washing line is widely used to treat PP/PE plastic waste mixed material into clean film flakes, which include waste PP woven bags, PP non-woven bags, LDPE film, plastic garbage, waste plastic mulch film. After films cleaned, you can make them to be granules with next process which is called pelletizing line. This production line is high automatic operating and save labor cost and low after maintenance. With advanced international industry concepts and technologies to meet waste plastic recycling at home or abroad. This PP PE recycling machine could be displayed "L" or "U" shape according clients' workshop.
The rigid plastic scraps recycling system is to process rigid and water-floating plastic scraps recycling, crushing and washing, such as HDPE, PP, PO, which in the form of milk bottles, cosmetic bottles, shampoo bottles, blue buckets, waste profile, plastic chairs, plastic buckets, etc. from the daily life using.

Peformance presented:
Final output dimension: 40-60mm
Moisture content: 5-8%
Capacity: 300-800kg/h (Solution may vary depending on customer’s specialized requirement)

Film recycling line subdivides as followings to deal with different raw materials:
1. LDPE waste film recycling and washing line
2. PE agriculture using films crushing and washing line
3. Waste PE film recycling line
4. Ethylene ground film washing, drying and regranulating line
5. Waste film recycling and washing line

Features of film washing recycling line:
1. The moisture of final products will be less than 8% so that the washed materials can be stored easily.
2. The electric components are from the famous brands in China(or customer designated).
3. The complete line is with high level of automation, CE certification, steady performance and high working efficiency.
4. The reasonable design, harmonious colors.
ACERETECH,s film recycling line mainly for LDPE film, PP woven bags, PP non-woven, PE bags etc.crushing and washing.
The film recycling line includes equipments of crusher, floating washer, hot washer, high speed friction washer, dryer, packing system, etc. Modular design principle applied into the washing system. ACERETECH can freely combine each standard modules into the system to enhance the washing peroformance;


Rigid scraps recycling washing
In the conception of energy-saving and environmental, a variety of specialized solutions are available for different kinds of rigid plastic waste recycling; also related auxiliary machines set as the optional items for the solution making, for instance, contamination separation system, high speed washer, labels removing device, metal separation system, water-recycling treatment system, etc.

The recycling and washing system designed by ACERETECH’ S  engineers team based on their understanding and digestion of industrial advanced conceptions and technology;  can meet the environmental requirement of plastics recycling standard whatever domestic or overseas.

The entirely new designed floating washer can realize high efficiency cleaning performance, which washing along with crushing job of rigid scrap.

According to customers’ different requirements, ACERETECH provides customers different washing solutions, flowing-charts, recycling plans, construction plans, etc. ACERETECHs washing line presents the throughput performance from 500kg/h to 2000kg/h; High efficiency, energy-saving, reliable performance is the typical characteristics.
System Configuration

Nu Name Unit Remark
1 Belt conveyor  1 Set  
2 Crusher (with water) 1 Set
3 Screw loader (under the Crusher) 1 Set  
4 Low speed friction washer 1 Set
5 Floating washer 1 Set  
6 Screw loader 1 Set
7 High speed friction washer 1 Set  
8 Centrifugal dryer 1 Set
9 Thermal pipeline dryer 1 Set  
10 Packaging system 1 Set
11 Electric cabinet 1 Set  

About our service:
PE/PP film/rigid scraps washing line Before-sale 
1、Introduce products and applications detain
2、Recommend suitable solution
3、Provide with reference information
4、Offer lab for test   
During Manufacturing         
1、Provide with layout and engineering conditions
2、Inform the project processing status
3、Offer other documents 
1. Provide with installation, commissioning and training
2. Register and record customer information
3. Offer spare parts
4. Provide with necessary technical support for new application
5. Visit customer regularly and correct information


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