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PET bottles recycling and washing line

PET waste bottles recycling and washing system is a complete solution designed for the bottles, such as water bottles, cola bottles, etc. label-removing, crushing, washing, drying and packing; it is the perfect system to process the waste bottles into PET flakes, which can present high quality performance of recycled PET flakes.
After years of technology and process experience precipitation, ACERETECH has a variety of different solutions to present, according to the customers’ demands. Following the modular design principle, ACERETECH can freely combine each standard module to provide customers the specialized solutions, which key conception is: best production but lowest investment.

According to the final usage of PET flakes, ACERETECH's PET recycling and washing system divides into 4 categories:
 1. Bottle to bottle grade, PET bottles recycling and washing line
 2. Yarn/filament grade, PET bottles recycling and washing line
 3. PSF grade, PET bottles recycling and washing line
 4. Regular grade, such as strapping, brusher making, etc., PET bottles recycling and washing line

1. Recycled material: Total impurity content ≤320PPM; Moisture content≤2% 
2. Production Capacity: 300-1000Kg/h ( But if lower than 500Kg/h, there will be no label remover machine, as the lowest capacity for label remover is 500Kg/h.).
 3. Note: We can design the machines exactly according to Customers' requirements. If want to know the details for this machine, just feel free to contact us, send us your inquiry.

ACERETECH's recycling and washing system consists of:
1. De-baler
2. Belt conveyor
3. Trommel
4. Bottle label separator
5. Manual Select working table
6. Crusher
7. Floating washer
8. Hot washer
9. Friction washer (low & high speed)
10. Centrifugal dewatering
11. Labels and dust removing device
12. Packing system
13. Other optional auxiliaries

Main part function:
1. De-baler
Bottle bale opening 
2.Belt conveyor
Put the material on the moving belt, which will convey the bottle into label remover 
3. Trommel
Removing rock, stone, dust, loosen caps and small metals, especially, the iron will be removed by high
4.Bottle label separator
 Removing labels from bottles
5.Manual Select working table
 IF the label still in the bottle, worker can remove the label by hand
6.Belt conveyor
Put the material on the moving belt, which will convey the bottle into crusher
Crush the material.
8.Screw loader
 Put the flakes into the Hot washer to clean.
9.Floating washer
Cleaning flakes to remove chemicals and separating out rest labels and caps
10.Hot washer
Connected with steam boiler. Steam is supplied into washing tank to heat water and flakes. Hot water makes waste; label and glue loosen from bottles. 
11.Friction washer
After crushing material from enters the mouth, through the high speed on the axis of the blade flap and spray water to the common function of good cleaning effect.
12.Centrifugal dryer
Rejection the water from the flakes, moisture content is less than 2%
13.Pipe drying system
Hot air drying
14.PVC (label) separator
Used for the PET bottles, round and pressed bottles,effective more than 98%,save energy and labor,without water
15.Storage bunker
Storage materials

Main technical parameter

Capacity(kg/h) Power installed(kw) Required area(m2) Manpower Steam volume(kg/h) Compressed air(m3/min) Water supply(m3/h)
1000 500 750 5 500 10 2
2000 700 900 6 800 15 3
3000 900 1000 7 1000 15 4

About our service:
PETBottle washing line Before-sale  
   1、Introduce products and applications detain
   2、Recommend suitable solution
   3、Provide with reference information
   4、Offer lab for test    
During Manufacturing          
   1、Provide with layout and engineering conditions
   2、Inform the project processing status
   3、Offer other documents
1. Provide with installation, commissioning and training
2. Register and record customer information
3. Offer spare parts
4. Provide with necessary technical support for new application
5. Visit customer regularly and correct information

Why choose us
1.Lower investment cost for a high quality and durable machine; 
2. Low energy consumption with high production output;
3. Overseas installation and training are available;
4. Machine warranty with spares in stocking and in-time delivery;
5. Fast machine delivery and installation: AceRetech produces on an average of 10 sets of plastic machines per month and can deliver the machine faster than most manufacturers. The regular delivery time of an AceRetech recycling machine is 60 days.


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