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Squeezing single screw dewatering machine

Drying the materials by screw squeezing is the working principle. It is used in film (agriculture films, PP woven bags, nylon polybag, fabric bag) crushing and washing line, after the recycles cleaned, it can quickly squeeze water out. It mainly consists of squeezing screw, special reducer, and water drain hole. The advantage of this machine is high squeezing efficiency and fine drying effect.
1.Special squeezing principle, continuously produce;
2.Good squeezing effect, water content of the materials after squeezed is less than 2%;
3.Compared with former dewatering machine and pipe drying system, it greatly saves energy;
4.Keep original characteristics of mateials;
5.The materials after squeezed can be directly feed into extruder to granulate (the function is same as detwatering machine, pipe drying system and agglomerator). This unit solves the film hard feeding problem,

This machine is used for squeezing and pre-pelletizing PP/PE film, woven bags, ton bags, Nylon etc. It’s equipped with advanced screw extrusion system, squeezing efficiency could reach 95%. Also can work in accordance with washing and pelletizing line with stable capacity and whole process automation.
Main technical parameter of twin screw squeezing device:

Model Main motor power Capacity Moisture
A-DSD500 90KW 500kg/h 5%-8%

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