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PET recycling and pelletizing system

Twin screw extruder recycling & pelletizing system are applied to the waste materials, which needs high processing performance of melting, volatilization, filtering etc. , mainly works for the job of PET scraps recycling and re-pelletizing.
To slow down IV value reducing during PET scraps recycling, not only impurities, such as PVC content, moisture etc., but also precise recycling system and reliable equipment configurations are necessary to put in the solution.
Final productions produced by ATE system are in the form of pellets/ granules, can directly put into the production line for film blowing, pipe extrusion and plastics injection, etc. 

Pre-processing equipment required according to the condition of various PET scraps:
Special designed compactor applied to handle low bulk density scraps, such as film, filament, etc.
Pre-crystallization system is required to pre-dry PET regrinds, flakes to guarantee final productions quality.
Advantages of ATE recycling and pelletizing system
1 Plasticizing and pelletizing steps in one system, less-labor cost;
2 Higher efficiency feeding, suitable to waste film, filament, flakes, and regrinds of PET materials;
3 Higher output and lower energy consumption.
In addition:
We provide the machine of good quality (Strict quality control, good reputation in the market) and the good service, we deliver the products on time.


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