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ASP Shredding & Pelletizing system


The ASPTM series shredding and pelletizing system combines function of shredding, crushing, enforcing feeding, plasticization and pelletizing in one program.

Applied in the plastics recycling and pelletizing process, ASPTM system is a integrated and cost-saving solution for every kind of plastic scrap, such as film, raffia, trim, purge, hollow part, bottle and foaming material in plant recycling.

Shredding/Enforcing feeding

In collaboration with European shredders supplier, the specialized shredding rotors set to combine with single screw extruders, to pre-reduce, crush and enforcing feed various plastics scraps; the plastic scraps can be in form of film, bottles, raffia, woven bag/non-woven, fabrics, purges, lumps; it is a universal system for all kinds of plastic scrap, in any kind of condition.
Melt filtration

A regular single plate/piston double station screen changer or non-stop double plate/piston four-station screen changer can be installed on head of extruder to present significant filtration performance. The requirements on the filter technology depend heavily on the quality of input material as well as the planned use of granules.
Plasticization and degassing
A specialized single screw extruder applied to gently melt the crushed plastics scraps. The handled scraps shall be melted, plasticized on a 32D processing section. With double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as moisture and low-moleculars will be removedefficiency,especially suitable to heavy printed and moisture-sensitive plastics scraps re-pelletizing.

Die-face water ring pelletizing system set as the standard granulating method in ASPTM system. Self-adjusting pelletizing head for the best granulate quality and long using-life thanks to consistently correct blades pressure. RPM of rotatory blades is automatic based on melt extruding pressure.

1.Belt conveyor 2.Hauling roller 3.Shredder 4.Extruder 5.Vacuum volatilization
6.Filtration unit 7.Water ring pelletizing unit 8.Under water pelletizing unit
9.Strand pelletizing unit 10.Storage silo

Advantages of ASPTM Shredding & pelletizing system

  • Suitable to both light/heavy recycles;
  • Easier operation;
  • Smaller space occupation;
  • Intelligence: One-button start/stop;
  • Lower energy comsuption, 25% down.


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