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Melt Filtering Device from Germany

Maximum differential pressure :100bar
Can withstand maximum pressure: 350bar
Hydraulic pressure can be 250bar
Hydraulic control by hand valve, easy to operate
Streamlined allocation, high rate of return on investment
The melt flow is not interrupted when the mesh is changed, and the continuity of the production is ensured.

Normal production:
Two movable plungers are arranged in the heating shell, and each plunger is provided with a circular filter cavity respectively. The melt flow is divided into two strands through the inlet of the screen changer and respectively passed into the two filtering cavities。Then combined into one strands after filtered. Finally enters the downstream through the outlet of the screen changer.
Change screen:
When the differential pressure is reached, the net start to change. When the net is changed, one of the plunger is removed from the shell, and the dirty filter screen is replaced with a new filter screen. In the process of changing the net, the filter chamber of the other plunger remains in the station without interrupting the melt flow, and the filtration area of the 50% is still in the filtered melt.


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