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Melt Filtering Device from JC TIMES

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device that includes one or more screens designed to filter out foreign particles and impurities in a plasticized material flow screen.
As we all know, the purity of the recovered material and the process use of the final recycled particles determine the filtration technology standard of the filtration system.
In order to achieve excellent melt filtration performance, a single-plate / piston double-station or non-stop double-plate / piston four-station screen filter system is used for different melt filtration loads.
1. Single-plate/piston double-station screen changer

  • The fast changing time of the two-station screen changer is less than 2 seconds. The filter area is fromΦ30 to Φ250.
  • High wear resistance, high pressure, high precision filter design, improve the effective area and filter quality    
  • Under the condition of pressure around 25 - 30Mpa and temperature around 300℃,the use of performance won't be affected.
  • Design of the  safety cover improves the safety factor of the operation.
2.Double pillar four working stations back flush hydraulic screen changer   

  • Large filtering area, applicable to extrusion production of a wide range of polymers with different processings. Unique sealing system ensure perfect sealing effect.    
  • Advanced designing and precise manufacturing, along with delicate gas exhausting system realize the its dual function of filtering and gas exhausting
  • Both standard specification from 80mm to 250mm and special design upon customers' specific request are available.     
  • It will not affect its performance under the pressure of 25Mpa and temperature of 330℃.  
  • 80 - 250MM standard configuration, as well as other special size of the processing  


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