Product Name : ASP shredder extruder recycling pelletizing line
Product Description

Shredding extrusion recycling granulation machine

Product Introduction


Shredding extrusion recycling granulation machine contains separate shredder and extrusion granulation parts. It is suitable for the special requirement that the production demand is larger than 200kg/h, and the shredding extrusion runs continuously. For large material recycling granulation requirements, we can provide a complete solution.

This system combines the powerful function of shredding machine to make the material reach the required feeding size before granulation. In the face of different material conditions, different kinds of granulation equipment can be selected after the shredding system to meet the demand of production capacity, stability and efficiency.

The front-end crushing system, which we work with European suppliers, is designed for full welding of heavy steel structures to withstand the most demanding and pervasive applications, with a wide range of USES and a wide variety of recyclable materials. In addition according to the specific needs can also be combined with further crushing equipment, so that the material more refined processing.

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