Product Name : SCF Self Cleaning No Mesh Melt Filter For Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine
Product Description

Screen changer

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device consisting of one or more filters, which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing material flow filters. As we all know, the cleanliness of the recycled materials and the technological use of the final regenerated particles determine the filtration technical standards of the filtration system. For different melt filtration loads, the conventional non-stop single-plate double-station or two-piston double-station screen-changing filtration system is applied to achieve excellent melt filtration performance.

Product Introduction

SCF Self Cleaning No Mesh Melt Filter For Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine


The new SCF self-cleaning filtration system makes non-stopping recycling extrusion, especially suitable to highly contaminated materials re-pelletizing.

Different from traditional screen changers, which requires timely change the dirty wire mesh, the SCF system will present continuous filtering performance, and remove the contaminates from the surface of steel screen plate automatically.It has the advantages of a high degree of automation and large-volume production, which can increase the recycling rate of recycled materials, and the slag discharge rate (the amount of slag discharged and the plastic content in the accompanying slag discharge process) can reach 1:1.


Product Parameter

SCF Self-cleaning Filtration System

The effective accuracy of SCF can reach 120 meshes. The use of Aceretech SCF self-cleaning filters can more efficiently produce pelletizing lines with an output of more than one ton per hour.

The SCF filtration system consists of hardened steel screen plate, rotating unit,hydraulic section, contaminates removing blades and discharging screw. 

SCF filtration system 

SCF filtration system can handle and remove up to 5% contaminates in the melt flowing, can separate the contaminates as: paper,wood, aluminum, unmelted plastic and rubbers etc.

SCF Typical Features
SCF Product Display
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