Product Name : Filtration/Screen changer
Product Description

Screen changer

The screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device consisting of one or more filters, which is used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing material flow filters. As we all know, the cleanliness of the recycled materials and the technological use of the final regenerated particles determine the filtration technical standards of the filtration system. For different melt filtration loads, the conventional non-stop single-plate double-station or two-piston double-station screen-changing filtration system is applied to achieve excellent melt filtration performance.

Product Introduction

1. SCF series disc-type self-cleaning filtration system

The new SCF self-cleaning filtration system makes non-stopping recycling extrusion, especially suitable to highly contaminated materials re-pelletizing. Different from traditional screen changers, which requires timely change the dirty wire mesh, the SCF system will present continuous filtering performance, and remove the contaminates from the surface of steel screen plate automatically. The SCF filtration system consists of hardened steel screen plate, rotating unit, hydraulic section, contaminates removing blades and discharging screw. SCF filtration system can handle and remove up to 5% contaminates in the melt flowing, can separate the contaminates as: paper, wood, aluminum, unmelted plastic and rubbers etc..

SCF typical features:

  • Non wire-mesh required, long using life of disc screen plate .
  • Reliable Continuous Filtration with stable pressure.
  • Self-cleaning job done in the filtering room, friendly to the environment and not pollute the air.
  • Automatically wiping action to assure constant self-cleaning of screen plate.
  • Lower waste of melt stream while discharging the impurities.
  • Easily operation for replacing the disc screen in 30 minutes.Filtering accuracy can reach 120μm,can handle and remove up to 5% contaminates.
  • Less back-pressure in the filtering room thanks to short flowing channel and big filtering area.
  • Larger filtering area, up to 2.32 million mirco-drilled holes.PLC control to present fully automation.
  • PLC control to present fully automation

2. Single-plate double-station screen changer

  • Double-station fast screen change time < 2 seconds, filter diameter fromφ180 to φ450 .
  • The design of high wear resistance, high pressure resistance and high precision filter improves the effective area and quality of filtration.
  • When the pressure is 25Mpa and the temperature is below 300 C, the service performance will not be affected.
  • The design of safety cover improves the safety performance of operation.

3. Two-piston super-large area hydraulic screen changer

  • Large filtration area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and process characteristics, has good sealing characteristics.
  • Advanced design concept and high precision machining quality are combined with the exhaust control system to realize the greatest characteristics of the series of screen changer filter + exhaust.
  • Specification 1200 - 3000mm2 filter area configuration, and other special size processing.
  • When the pressure is 25Mpa and the temperature is below 330 C, the service performance will not be affected.
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