Product Name : Washing and Pelletizing Turn-key Solution
Product Description

Washing and Pelletizing Turn-key Solution for Plastics Recycling

For the plastics recycling industry, ACERETECH Machinery can offer a series of well-developed Plastic Recycling Washing and pelletizing Lines for the efficient of all kinds of plastics material.

Product Introduction


In the field of recycling in cities and industrial distribution centers, waste is not only different in quantity, but also in the form of waste plastics, including HDPE/PPP-LDPE bottles, drums, boxes, tables, chairs, pipes and so on in the same country.

The recycling and cleaning line developed by ACERETECH can provide a series of modular components according to the different characteristics of materials, thus realizing the one-stop recycling of hard and soft materials. Using ACERETECH’s recycling solution, most of the serious pollutants are cleaned early in order to achieve the best quality and energy consumption.

LDPE film washing

Film Recycling is a very significant thing. Plastic film is a valuable second-hand resource in the market. After regeneration, it can be used to produce a variety of life and industrial products.

The regeneration of waste plastic film can be carried out under different conditions, such as washing, granulation and compounding. The recycled film mainly comes from agricultural film, metallocene film, industrial film, plastic bags, packaging film, 100% stretch film, etc.

PP woven bag/jumbo bag cleaning

Because of woven bags’ moisture-proof, dust-proof and high strength, woven bags are generally made of polypropylene and are widely used in the packaging of finished products such as cement, fertilizer and rice.

We continue to introduce advanced European design concepts, and combine with our customers' valuable suggestions, constantly innovate and improve our technical design and process quality. ACERETECH can provide personalized production solutions to meet customer demands.

PS/ABS washing

This project aims at the recycling of discarded household appliances plastics in the market and can get clean crushed regrinds. High purity PS and ABS materials with stable performance can be obtained by using high density separation technology in ACERETECH recycling line.

PET bottle washing

PET waste bottles recycling and washing system is a complete solution designed for bottles, such as water bottles, cola bottles, etc. Label-removing, crushing, washing, drying and packing; it is the perfect system to process the waste bottles into PET flakes, which can present high quality performance of recycled PET flakes.

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