ACERETECH participated in 2019 K SHOW from 16th to 23rd in Dusseldorf,Germany. Our Booth No.12F33 &8B/A105-1
During the exhibition, lots of customers stopped in front of our Booth and were interested in our plastic washing and pelletizing machine.The main Series Pelletizing Machine from ACERETECH will be ACS-H, it adopts the automatic technology and intelligent PLC Control system.It has the fuction of ”One-Button” Start,”One-Button”Stop,and can can realize cost saving and easy to control.Customers were amazed of the tech. and quality of our machine.
The pellets made by our pelletizing machine with nice glossiness and high quality.Moisture can reach 3‰~6‰, pellets can be packaged directly.
ACERETECH will continue our efforts, we believe that our plastic recycling machine could be recognized by more and more customers from abroad.
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