2022 German K Exhibition/2022 German Plastics Exhibition/2022 The 22nd German Düsseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition KSHOW will participate in the exhibition
Exhibition time: October 19-26, 2022 Exhibition venue: Dusseldorf International Exhibition Center, Germany
Holding period: every three years Organizer: Messe Düsseldorf
ACERETECH is a creative company, focusing on the technology R&D of Plastics recycling and providing the equipments and solutions for Plastics recycling, washing and re-granulation.
Our products have sold to 93 countries, with 669 customers around the world. The factory covers an area of 13,000 square meters with  more than 80 workers. We have obtained ISO/CSA/SGS/CE/TUV/UKCA certificates and 27 patents.
ACERETECH’s Plastics recycling technology mainly applied in the field of waste plastics regrinding, washing and re-granulating.Thanks to the R&D ability and well-understanding industries’ experience, ACERETECH can provide the customized Plastics recycling solutions to customers.
ACERETECH is committed to bring more value-added benefits to maximum meet customers’ requirements with top class quality motto in every highly synchronous and standardized product and service.
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