Project: EPS foam material recycling pelletizing system
Capacity: 1000kg/h
Site: Denmark

EPS is 100% recyclable, EPS foam first compress then granulation become the most widely recovery treatment method at present. After the EPS waste is compressed or hot melted by a professional foam compressor, it will form a compressed block. 
proimages/news/EPS_recycling_(1).jpgThe foam compressed block after shredding can be used for granulation to produce high-quality EPS pellets, which can be applied to the production of new foam products again.
proimages/news/EPS_recycling_(2).jpgNow, with the popularity of carbon emission reduction, recycling has become the only way to regenerate EPS.
proimages/news/EPS_recycling_(3).jpgACERETECH provide turn-key solution of EPS foam recycling pelletizing system for Denmark customer, including shredder, compactor, double stage single screw extruder, SCF self cleaning filter and down-stream under-water die face pelletizing system.
proimages/news/EPS_recycling_(4).jpgNow whole machine in normal production 24h, which have a daily production 20-24ton.
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