Aceretech Machinery, a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer, has high quality and efficient production performance and technology R&D. We are committed to providing excellent and high-efficiency plastic recycling solutions, including recycling, cleaning, and granulation lines, crushers, shredders, self-cleaning filters, etc. We have provided comprehensive plastic recycling solutions and accumulated rich experience with more than 800 customers in over 100 countries.


Dusseldorf K Show is the largest and most important exhibition for the plastic industry. This year, Aceretech will also participate in the exhibition. At K Show, our team will introduce our latest technology of plastic recycling equipment.

Booth 9E10: Centrifugal Dryer, Crusher, Friction Washer and Shredder Rotors 
Centrifugal Dryer, Crusher, Friction Washer and Shredder Rotors

Booth 8BE11-2: ACS-H Compacting and Pelletizing System
ACS-H Compacting and Pelletizing system

Welcome to join us in our Booth 9E10 and 8BE11-2 to communicate with us for plastic recycling from October 19-26, 2022 in Dusseldorf International Exhibition Center, Germany. We will show you our latest technology, best service, and cost-effective, solve your problems, and help you build your business.
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