Raw material: PET preforms flakes

ACERETECH machine type: ACS800/120 Compacting and single screw extruder with automatic strands pelletizing system

Customer location: Taiwan, China

Machine configuration: Belt feeder - Compactor - Extruder - Vacuum pumping system - Large area piston type screen changer - Die head - Water tank - Pelletizer - Vibrating screen - Centrifugal dryer - Product silo

Detailed introduction:

Belt conveyor: The belt conveyor includes the edge sealing design, which effectively guarantees the validity of the transmission of the hard materials on the belt;

Compactor: Double plate structure, sliding door, compactor inverter, used for better drying

Extruder: Special screw design, reduce the shear force of PET material in the process of plasticizing and melting, better guarantee the IV value of final PET particles;

Vacuum pumping system: Equipped with three-stage roots pump to fully remove the volatile impurities in PET raw materials

Large area piston type screen changer: Large screen changing area reduces the frequency of workers' screen changing, ensures the output and reduces the cost.

Die head: Cast aluminum die head

Water tank: Special design, the strip automatically moves to the direction of pelletizer along with the water flow. So workers no need to worry about the manual pulling of the strip after it is broken

Pelletizer: Special design, with water design

Vibration dryer: Preliminary water filtration and filter the pellets that meet the size requirements

Centrifugal dryer: Remove moisture from pellets surface

Product  silo: The feeding blower will send the dried PET pellets to the silo for