Raw material: PA6/PA66 filament

ACERETECH machine type: Shredding and crushing system + ACS1000/140 Compacting and single screw extruder with automatic strands pelletizing system
Machine configuration: Belt conveyor - Shredder - Discharge belt conveyor - Crusher/Granulator - Storage silo - Belt feeder - Compactor - Extruder - Vacuum pumping system - Large area piston type screen changer - Die head - Water tank - Pelletizer - Vibrating screen - Centrifugal dryer - Product silo
Customer location: Taiwan, China
Detailed introduction:
Shredding and crushing system: For PA6/PA66 filament, before feeding into pelletizing system, material should be crushed in small size, which is better for next agglomerating process;
Storage Silo: Material after crushed will be blowed into storage silo;
Belt conveyor: The belt conveyor includes the edge sealing design, which effectively guarantees the validity of the transmission of the materials on the belt;
Compactor: Equipped with sliding gate, inverter, air exhausting device and auxiliary heating device to pre-dry the material in the compactor, side feeder for color masterbatch feeding;
Extruder: Special screw design, 3rd barrel zone use infrared heater, with double degassing system, moisture will be removed efficiency.
Large area piston type screen changer: Large screen changing area reduces the frequency of workers' screen changing, ensures the output and reduces the cost.
Auomatic strands pelletizing system:
Water tank: Special design, the strip automatically moves to the direction of pelletizer along with the water flow. So workers no need to worry about the manual pulling of the strip in case it is broken
Pelletizer: Special design, with water design
Vibration dryer: Preliminary water filtration and filter the pellets that meet the size requirements
Centrifugal dryer: Remove moisture from pellets surface
Product silo: The feeding blower will send the dried PA6/PA66 pellets to the silo for storage.
Customer feedback:This model machine output capacity 450-500kg/h for normal PA filament, also, our customer test uri filament which is extremely soft and high strength material, our compacting and pelletizing machine output capacity reach 300-350kg/h, in this field, traditional two-stage extruder technology, competitor can just reach 100-120kg/h. And after 3rd party testing the final pellets, the pellets physical characteristics such as tensile strength, inflexibility etc, data indicates almost close to virgin material characteristics.