Product Name : EPS Foam Recycling Pelletizing Machine
Product Description
EPS Foam Material
Expanded Polystyrene Foam Material

EPS Foam Recycling Pelletizing Machine

The scientific name of foam is: Polystyrene, referred to EPS, it is a kind of light high molecular polymer. The polystyrene resin to be add a foaming agent, and at the same time to be heated then soften it to generate gas, forming a rigid closed-cell structure plastic foam, mainly used for building walls, roof insulation, composite board insulation; fish boxes, the preservation of agricultural and fishery products; the heat preservation of cold storage, air conditioners, vehicles, ships, floor heating,decoration , carving and etc. The usage is very widely.

Product Introduction


Machine Model
Final Product Shape
System composition
Belt Conveyor, Air Exhausting Device, Sliding Gate, Cutting Compactor with Inverter, Single Screw Extruder, Filtration first,
Vacuum Degassing, Pelletizer, Water Cooling Device, Dehydration Section, Conveyor Fan, Product Silo.
Output Range
Feeding Device
Belt Conveyor (Standard), Roll Hualing off device (Optional)
Compactor Volume
Diameter of screw
Material of screw
L/D of screw
36/ 1
Heater of barrel
Ceramic heater or Far-infrared heater
Cooling of Barrel
Air cooling of fans through blowers
Vacuum deashing exhaust
Two Double-zone vacuum degassing system (Standard)
Pelletizing type
Water-ring pelletizing/ water-strands pelletizing/ Under-water pelletizing
Voltage Standard
According to the Voltage of the Customer's Location
Optioanl device
Metal detector, Roll hualing off device, Masterbatch and additives feeder
13 months from the date of bill of lading
Technical services
project design, factory construction, installation and recommendations, commissioning
Equipment process principle

Equipment process principle

Foam pre-treatment equipment

The density of foam board is generally 10-45kg/m3. Since it is light, there are two problems. One problem is the transportation cost greatly increased. Another problem is the feeding efficiency be lower during pelletizing, the capacity cannot be achieved.

According to our rich experience, we need to pre-treat the foam in advance. There are two ways: one is to use a compress for cold pressing, the compression ratio is generally 1:50, another is to use a hot melt machine for hot melt treatment, to melt the foam and then cool it into a block, so as to achieve the change of bulk density.


The blocks which be compressed or hot-melted, since the volume is large, when pelletizing, material need to be shreddered to make it be small piece. The size is generally less than 12mm.


As standard design, plastic scraps such as film, filament, raffias conveyed into the compacting room through belt conveyor; to handle rolls’ scraps, roll hauling off device is an optional feeding method. Motor drives of conveyor belt and hauling device cooperate with ABB inverter. Feeding speed of conveyor belt or roll hauling off is fully automatic based on how full the compactor’s room is. Metal detector can be combined with belt conveyor, and can interlock with contrl system, to warn and stop the system, in case that metal is found in feeding.

Dust&moisture Remove Device

The top of the compactor is equipped with exhaust holes and connected to the dust&moisture remove device. The moisture and dust generated during the cutting and compaction process of the foam in the compactor will be collected by this device.

Sliding Gate With Servo Motor

It can handle both hard and soft materials. The sliding gate controls the residence time of the material in the compactor to achieve the effect of pre-drying and ensure that clean and dry material enters the barrel. Material that fails to achieve the treatment effect will not be able to enter the next process. PLC accurately controls the quantity of forced feeding materials to ensure production capacity.

Intelligent Control

Intelligence Start: One button only Following set logistical sequence and materials processing requirement, interlocked system modules can start by "one button only” Intelligence Stop: One button only Each related modular part in ACS system available to shut down by only one button. Emergency Stop Emergency stop function is available in ACS system in case that uncertain risk occurred during machine running.

Frequency Converter

For better operation and protection of the motor from compactor, we will be equipped with a frequency converter to control the speed of the compactor.

Single Screw Extruder

By screw’s rotation, the plastic material goes forward, to finish the processing of compacting, melting, homogenization. Material of screw adopts qualified nitride steel(38CrMoAlA), process of CNC, with nitride treatment, has the ability of corrosion resistance and wear-resisting. With the specialized design of screw, even running with high speed, the material of polyolefin can be well melted under lower temperature and lower melting pressure.

The Rotatory Blades Of Compactor

The rotatory blades of compactor with cut up incoming scraps. Frictional heating which caused by high speed rotatory blades will heat and let scraps shrinking just below their agglomerating point. Optional designed guide structure compacts the material and directs it into extruder screw. Crushes, dries and compacts the material which enables a fast and stable feeding from the compactor directly into the extruder.

Crushing And Compacting

Compactor is equipped with air exhausting device. With the mechanical work of rotor knife and stator knife at the bottom of compactor, the temperature of compactor and material will gradually increase after continuous cutting and friction, and the moisture and dust on the surface of raw material will float to the top of compactor. The device can effectively remove moisture and dust, which will avoid using additional energy consumption to deal with the moisture.


Because of the super L/D ratio, the single stage extruder in the production line can be used as a double- stage extruder. After the middle double-piston type screen filter, another filter can be added at the end. The double filter standard can improve the quality and performance of the final product particles.

2 In 1 Option

This model combines our self-developed self-cleaning filter.The new SCF self-cleaning filtration system makes non-stopping recycling extrusion, especially suitable to highly contaminated materials re-pelletizing. SCF filtration system can handle and remove up to 5% contaminates in the melt flowing, can separate the contaminates as: paper, wood, aluminum, unmelted plastic and rubbers etc.

Melt Filtration

A regular single-plate/piston double-station screen changer or non-stop double plate/piston four-station can be installed on head of extruder to present significant filtration performance. The requirements on the filter technology depend heavily on the quolity of the input material as well as the planned use of granules.

Liquid Outlet

This is the most appropriate process for the need for better melt filtration and higher production. In the first stage,two or more single screw extruders can be designed for the two-stage pelletizing production line, and then they can enter the second-stage extruder at the same time.


Die-face water ring pelletizing system set as the standard granulating method in ACSS-HTM system. Self-adjusting pelletiziin head for the best granulate quolity and long uptime thanks to consistently correct blades oressure. RPM of rotatory blades is automatic based on melt extruding pressure.

Vibration Dry

Advanced dewatering vibration sieve combing with horizontal-type centrifugal dewatering present high performance dried pellets and lower energy consumption.

Plastic Particles

Final output: plastic particles.

packing system

The drying shaker together with the horizontal centrifuge can get a good drying result, and less energy consumption.

  • Combine crushing, compacting and plletizing steps in one system, less-labor cost.
  • Higher efficiency feeding, suitable to film, filament, raffia, foaming materials;
  • Lower investment cost for a high quality and durable machine;
  • Low energy consumption with high production output;
  • Overseas installation and training are available;
  • Machine warranty with spares in stocking and in-time delivery;
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