In July 2020, Aceretech and Juyan participated in the China Zhengzhou Plastic Packaging Exhibition, showing the industry our advanced solutions for plastic recycling and plastic recycling products.
At the moment of the global epidemic, although China is currently the safest area and there are almost no new infections in the country, it is necessary to continue to take personal protective measures. I would like to thank the Chinese government for its strong leadership and the unconditional cooperation of the people, as well as the white angels retrograde. The front line can win our success today.
The recycling and reuse of waste plastics are closely related in our lives. This makes people think that the Chinese government's policies on waste sorting and disposal are suitable for the development of the times and in line with the common interests of mankind.
There was an endless stream of people who came to the well-designed booth to visit, whether it was the front-end plastic crushing and pelletizing or the film blowing equipment, which aroused great interest from the on-site personnel.
Our sales staff will answer customers one by one about good recycling and recycling solutions on the spot.