Product Name : ACT Conical twin screw extruder recycling machine
Product Description

Conical Twin Screw Extruder

Conical twin screw extruder is an efficient mixing and extrusion equipment. The machine has the characteristics of small shear rate, difficult decomposition of materials, uniform plasticization and mixing, stable quality, high output, wide application range and long service life.

With the various specifications of the mold and auxiliary machine production line produced by our company, PVC powder can be directly made into plastic products of different cross sections such as pipes, plates and profiles,etc

Product Introduction


Machine Model ACT
Target recycled material PVC、U-PVC、 C-PVC、O-PVC
Final product Compounding Pelletizing, Pipe, Plate, Profile, Sealing Strip
System composition Vacuum powder feeder, Twin screw quantitative feeder, Conical twin screw extruder, Mold, Calibrator, Cutter
Output capacity 100kg/h-1100kg/h
Feeding Device Vacuum powder feeder, Screw loader
Extruder Model ACTE 51/105、55/110、65/132、80/156、92/188、110/220
Material of screw 38CrMoAlA (SACM-645), Bimetal (Optional)
Heater of barrel Ceramic heater or Far-infrared heater
Cooling of Barrel Air cooling of fans through blowers
Vacuum deashing exhaust Two Double-zone vacuum degassing system (Standard)
Forming type Die-face cutting, Vacuum setting
Voltage Standard According to the Voltage of the Customer's Location
Optioanl device Metal detector, Roll hualing off device, Masterbatch and additives feeder
Warranty 13 months from the date of bill of lading
Technical services project design, factory construction, installation and recommendations, commissioning
Main Characteristics
Main Characteristics

Soft plasticization concept runs through the screw design, which provides a strong guarantee for the extrusion of PVC.

Reliable two-stage screw core external circulation temperature control system ensures that different formulations can produce high quality PVC products;

It has high efficiency and low noise air cooling system as well as reliable and effective vacuum exhaust system, high precision, wide speed regulation, forced quantitative feeding system, high performance gear box for reducing torque distribution, perfect precise temperature automatic control system, precise and stable speed regulation system.

Functions and Application
Functions and Application

Conical twin-screw extruder has the characteristics of homogeneous plasticization, high yield, stable quality, wide range of application, long service life, direct molding of PVC powder, etc. With the corresponding moulds and auxiliary machines, all kinds of thermoplastics, especially hard polyvinyl chloride powder, can be directly extruded into plastic products such as pipes, plates, sheets, rods, membranes and profiles. The modification of various plastics and granulation of powder can also be completed.

The conical twin-screw extruder has stable performance, can make melt well plasticized and extruded at lower temperature. The barrel is equipped with cast aluminium heater, which has high thermal efficiency, fast and uniform temperature rise. It is also equipped with cooling fan.

The specially designed transmission part adopts a new type of variable frequency motor or direct drive current motor, which runs smoothly, transmits large torque and has high efficiency. Through imported frequency converter or DC speed regulator, stepless and stable speed regulation can be achieved with high accuracy and energy saving. Intelligent double display digital temperature controller is adopted, which has high control precision and small temperature fluctuation. It has functions of overload protection and fault alarm, constant temperature of oil circulation in screw core, oil cooling in barrel, and equipped with vacuum exhaust pipe device and quantitative feeding device.

Plasticization and degassing
Machinery size Speed(r/min) Motor power(kw) Capacity (kg/h) Total installed power(kw)

ACTE 51/105

43 18.5 120 36

ACTE 55/110

375 30 180 62

ACTE 65/132

39 37 280 75

ACTE 80/156

44 55 450 128

ACTE 92/188

40.5 110 750 193

ACTE 110/200

40.5 160 1100 248
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