The cutter compactor recycling pelletizing line is a one-step, efficient, and sustainable solution for recycling a wide range of plastic materials. The end product of the compactor recycling system is in pellet form and can be used directly in blown film, pipe extrusion, and injection molding production. This eliminates the need for additional processing steps, helping manufacturers save time and money.

♲ What is a Cutter Compactor Recycling Pelletizing Line?

A Cutter Compactor Recycling Pelletizing Line is a one-step recycling system that combines crushing, compacting, plasticizing, and pelletizing functions. It is suitable for recycling and pelletizing plastic film, raffias, filaments, bags, woven bags, and foaming materials.

How does it work?

A cutter compactor pelletizer works by first crushing plastic waste into small flakes. The flakes are then compacted and heated in the compactor section to melt the plastic and remove impurities. The molten plastic is then fed into the pelletizer, which cuts it into small pellets. The final pellets can be directly used in blown film, tube extrusion, and injection molding production.

Unlike a shredder, a cutter compactor is a machine that can cut and compact various types of plastic waste in a rotating chamber using stationary and rotary blades. A cutter compactor can also preheat and dry the material, making it easier to feed into the extruder. A cutter compactor is suitable for low to medium-volume production with simple shapes and loose tolerances.

Using a cutter compactor recycling pelletizing line is a wise choice for plastic recycling. It is a one-step smart recycling system that combines crushing, compacting, plasticizing, and granulating functions to save you time and money. It can produce high-quality pellets from various types of plastic materials, including film, raffia, filament, bags, woven bags, and foam materials. It also helps you protect the environment and reduce plastic pollution by recycling plastic waste.

Cutter Compactor Recycling Pelletized Products can be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • • Blown film
  • • Tube extrusion
  • • Injection molding
  • • Other plastic processing applications

♲ Trustworthy Partner of Integrated Plastic Recycling System

Aceretech Plastic Granulating Line has a cutter compactor (agglomerator) on the main extruder, unlike ordinary granulation machines. This new design makes the machine more compact and efficient. The material is pre-heated, cut, mixed, and fed into the extruder as granules. The extruder has a degassing system and a hydraulic screen changer to produce high-purity pellets.

We follow Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing trends and use an intelligent PLC control system with a user-friendly HMI interface, which greatly increases the automation level. We also use digital program logic technology and ECO inverter modules to create fully automatic pelletizing systems, to meet the growing demand for recycling. Moreover, we use innovative pneumatic constant pressure control tech to enhance the stability of the pelletizing. The cutter compactor has unique reverse feeding technology and a baffle structure, which can improve the feeding and recycling efficiency of filament fiber.

Recycling plastic waste through a compaction granulator and converting it into high-quality pellets that can be used for a variety of purposes helps reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. If you'd like to find out more or get professional recycling advice, get in touch with the Aceretech team!

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