Product Name : Cutting system
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Cutting system

Product Introduction

Water-ring cutting system

Adjust the pelletizer speed automatically based on the pressure of Die head, and achieve the uniform final pellets size.
Pneumatic blade clamping device: knife of pelletizing system compact with Die head automatically by pneumatic system, in order to achieve 100% contact between the blade and the pelletizing template , enhanced concentricity of blade, and slow its abrasion time.


Water-strands pelletizing

The strip needs to be manually pulled into the water tank for cooling. After the outlet of the water tank, the water on the strip surface is removed by the wind knife. The strip is pulled by the granulator and cut by the hob for granulation. This kind of traditional strip pelletizing has high manual dependence and requires proficiency in operation. It can meet the requirement of medium yield (less than 600 kg/h) pelletizing operation.


Under-water cutting system

The underwater granulator is specially designed for the production of all kinds of polymers and thermoplastics. It can provide uniform spherical particles for subsequent production. The output is up to 12,000 kilograms per hour. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into manual type and automatic type. The integrated water treatment system is equipped with a solid and stable centrifugal dryer, which ensures the complete separation of particles from water and the full drying of particles, at the same time, provides process water with stable flow and temperature for the granulation process. The flexibility and efficiency of the design can effectively meet your needs: ACERETECH granulator can be installed on the ground, on the track or in the form of pillar suspension. According to the customer's requirements, ACERETECH can tailor the most suitable turnkey engineering solutions for you from the factory layout, including upper feeding system, gravity metering device, extruder, melt pump, mesh changer, granulation and water treatment unit, particle screening and separation unit, etc.


Automatic strands Cutting

In order to ensure the stability and automation requirement of high-yield operation process, the automatic strip-slitting device with higher automation and continuity is needed for the regeneration and granulation of high-yield MFI materials. Compared with the traditional drawing and granulating system, it has a high degree of automation, so that the whole production process is no longer limited by the high requirements of manual operation, as well as the re-drawing of broken strips, to improve the efficiency of production line. The granulating part is a water-cut granulator, which protects the use of cutting tools and prolongs the service life. The automatic production of stripping, granulation, screening, dehydration and packaging of finished products is realized, and the moisture content of finished products is controlled at 1%.


Hot -face cutting

A hot-face cutting machine is equipped with a multi-hole die plate at the end of the extruder, and all cutter discs are fixed on the extension end of the screw spindle passing through the die plate. The cutter disc is closely attached to the multi-hole die disc, and the length of the cutter of the cutter disc corresponds to the radius of the multi-hole die disc. A cylindrical compression spring is also installed on the outer extension end of the screw spindle, one end of the spring compresses the cutter disc, and the other end of the spring compresses the cutter disc. The end is supported by a coupling at the end of the screw spindle; the porous formwork and cutter disc of the device at the extruder head are all contained in a hood, which is connected with the air supply pipe of a high-pressure fan, and the lower end of the hood is provided with an outlet.

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