From PET bottle flakes/ BOPET film/ Polyester filament to PET pellets

PET Bottle Flakes Recycling Pelletizing PlantPET Pellets from recycling bottles, films and filaments

Since plastic does not decompose in the environment at present, it will cause great pollution to the ecological environment. Therefore, recycling plastic bottles and other products provides a great business opportunity. The complete PET bottle recycling line provided by Aceretech is the best solution for anyone. This fully automated turnkey solution processes packed PET bottles into pollution-free PET flakes. These plastic pallets can be sold to polyester staple fiber manufacturers at high prices, or they can be cut into pellets for use in making other PET products.

ACS series of pelletizing line with thermo compactor could recycle PET bottle flakes, BOPET film, polyester filament to valued PET pellets well.


1. Compactor: special crystallization and drying function in the compactor.


2. Gentle melt and plastifization in the single-screw extruder.
3. Strong vacuum degassing system.
4. Strand pelletizer/ more advanced fully automatic strand pelletizer (no need manual adjustment of strands.)


5. Pellets drying system: vibrosieve, centrifugal dryer.

PET Pellets from recycling bottles, films and filaments

6. Throughput up to 1T/h.
Video for rerefence : https://youtu.be/Y2fa8L3PQ3E

The increased environmental awareness in China represents a huge opportunity for manufacturers of plastic recycling machinery. Plastic recycling is growing enormously in importance and significance, particularly in China. The global shortage of raw materials, rising cost pressures, and large amounts of waste mean that the recycling market is developing rapidly.

Waste PET bottles can be recycled, pelletized and reused to produce new PET bottles, containers, fiber applications such as carpet and apparel. ACERETECH launches a series of high performance PET Bottles Recycling Plants. If you are interested or have any question, please do not hesitate to contact ACERETECH and we will reply ASAP.

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