Product Name : AWS-HDPE/PP Plastic Recycling Machine
Product Description
In the field of HDPE/PP/LDPE recycling projects. Most of the materials come from urban and industrial collection sites, their sizes vary, and the composition of raw materials is different from country to country, even though the composition of HDPE-PP- LLDP in the same country is totally different. Common types are:HDPE/PP bottle and vessel, HDPE/PP barrel and box,HDPE/PP daily rigid plastic
Product Introduction

ACERETECH team integrated the cleaning line technology in Europe and China and continuously optimized it. Finally, it developed a series of modular equipment that can adapt to the different characteristics of HDPE/PP-LDPE materials. It can realize a cleaning and recycling line and handle hard materials at the same time. And flexible plastic.

Device parameters
Size Capacity Motor Power Equipment footprint
AWS-HDPE10 1000kg/h 150KW 150m 2
AWS-HDPE20 2000kg/h 190KW 260m 2
AWS-HDPE30 3000kg/h 250KW 380m 2
AWS-HDPE45 4000kg/h 400KW 450m 2
Unit energy consumption
Content Average energy consumption per ton of bottle
Electricity 50-80KW
Water 0.8-1.5T
Compressed air 0.5-1m 3
Steam (optional) 0-100KG
Detergent (optional) 0-3KG
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