Product Name : AWS-WEEE (waste appliances) washing and recycling machine
Product Introduction

According to the Waste Electrical Equipment Directive stipulated by China's regulations, the goal is to reduce millions of tons of waste plastics every year, such as household appliances, computers, toys, and so on.

Discarded computersDiscarded plastic toys

There are currently ten e-wastes in the following categories:

  1. Large Household Appliances
  2. Small Household Appliances
  3. It And Telecommunications Equipment
  4. Consumer Equipment
  5. Lighting Equipment
  6. Electrical And Electronic Tools
  7. Toys, Leisure And Sports Equipment
  8. Medical Equipment
  9. Monitoring And Control Equipment
  10. Automatic Distributor

ACERETECH team has many years of research and development experience in household appliance cleaning and recycling lines and has designed cleaning and recycling solutions for cleaning, separating, and drying plastic and electronic equipment waste.

The PS/ABS recycling line developed by the ACERETECH team uses density separation (salt water) to achieve high purity PS and ABS materials with consistent performance.

  • ♲ PE/PP purity: >98%
  • ♲ PS purity: >92%
  • ♲ ABS purity: ≥92%
Waste medical plastic suppliesPlastic fragments after recycling

Used in recycling used refrigerators to obtain high purity plastics, non-ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals and foams.

The refrigerator recycling line from ACERETECH is the domestic leading technology level and has a cyclopentane alarm system, dust removal system, and fire protection system to protect personal and property safety.

  • ♻ Production: 40-55 units/hour, 80-100 units/hour
  • ♻ Iron screening rate (weight): >98%
  • ♻ Aluminum, copper screening rate (weight): >92%
  • ♻ Plastic screening rate (weight) ≥90%
  • ♻ Polyurethane foam collection efficiency (weight): >90%

Why Choosing ACERETECH?

As one of the major players in China's plastics recycling industry, ACERETECH can design recycling solutions for cleaning, separating, and drying plastics for various weee (Waste Electrical and. Electronic Equipment) plastics (WEEP) recycling. High-efficiency waste treatment and high-purity recycled plastics output are the advantages that we can stand firm in the market. Our recycling lines can process all kinds of waste plastics, such as PE, PS, PET, ABS, HDPE, Thermoplastic, etc. If you have any need for plastic recycling machines, please feel free to write to the service team to discuss the best recycling solution.

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