Product Name : PS Series Single Shaft Plastic Shredder For Pipe Recycling
Product Description

PS Series Single Shaft Plastic Shredder For Pipe Recycling

The main focus of the PS shredder isthe shredding of large diameter pipes or bundles of smaller pipes and profiles made from HDPE, PP and all kinds of PVC. Further the machines can be used for recycling of other plastic parts, such as large lumps, stacked dustbins and pallets. In combination with other ACERETECH size reduction equipment such as granulators and pulverizers, we are able to provide acomplete turn key recycling solution.

The PS shredders are the worlds first single shaft shredders able to handle large diameter pipes up to 1200 mm without the need for pre cutting. Since their introduction they became the popular standard for pipe shredding and are used by the leading pipe manufacturers all over the world. More than 100 installations demonstrate our technological leadership in this industry and continuing innovation based on market demands and customer feedback. Depending on the pipe diameter the PS rotor diameter and width range from 800 to 1500 mm. The standard hopper fits all pipe lengths of up to 3-6m. The combination of advanced controls, low rotor speed and smooth hydraulics create a reliable and easy to use system.

Product Introduction


PS Series
Item Unit PS800 PS1000 PS1500
Feed opening mm 3860*700 6700*870 6700*1300
Rotor diameter mm 800 980 1430
Rotor speed rpm 40 36 23
Motor power kw 2*37 2*45 2*55
Number of rotor knives pcs 60 108 204
Number of stator knives pcs 3 4 5
 Hydraulic feeding ram  kw 11 15 15
Machine weight ton 11 20 25
Chamber size mm 3500*630 6000*800 6000*1200
Shredder Main Shaft

The integral forging of the main shaft will not break and deform when the equipment tears high-strength materials or works for a long time.
After the manufacture of professional processing equipment such as lathe and CNC machining center, ensure that the overall error of the spindle will not exceed 0.05mm, ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, and ensure that the distance between fixed tool and moving tool can be adjusted to 0.5mm at least.
The special four corner design of the shredding motorized knife can be used for many times to save the cost of users.

Gearbox of Shredder

Integrated box design, stronger mechanism, stronger output shaft and bearing design, longer service life and greater torque.
Flexible cooling mode to meet the requirements of thermal power.
At the same time, the output shaft adopts double oil seal design, which greatly reduces the risk of oil leakage.

Motor of shredder 

The main motor adopts Weg / Siemens brand motor, with stable output and reliable quality.

Hydraulic Station

The motor, oil pump and valve group of the hydraulic station are all made of Taiwan brand, with reliable quality. The system is equipped with or150 water cooler, which can effectively control the oil temperature below 55 ° C.

Chamber of Shredder 

Chamer size can up to 6000*1200mm, which can handle diamter 1200mm, length 6m big pipes, pipes can automatic feeding into chamber through forklift or crane.

Control System of Shredder

The electrical system adopts microcomputer PLC programming control and whole process automation. After commissioning, the operator only needs to press start and stop. Save labor costs and ensure the safety of the operating environment.


- Ideal for large diameter pipes up to 1200 mm without being precut
- Auto operation for safety and reliability
- Lower power consumption
- Higher output
- Smaller pipes and profiles fed possibly in bundles
- Big diameter rotor available up to 1200mm

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