Наименование : ASPTM Гранулятор интегрированный с шредером
Product Description

ASPTM Гранулятор интегрированный с шредером

Пригоден для переработки пластмассовых отходов: литников при экструзии, пустотелых тар, бочек, рафия, мешков, ткани и нетканых материалов и т.п..Соединяет функции измельчения, принудитлеьного питания, пластификации и гранулирования в одной интегрированной системе.

Соединение специального ротора измельчения с одношнековым экстурдером, расширяет универсальность применения данного гранулятора, пригоден для и разных плёнок, и твёрдых литников, и бутылок и тар, и рафия и нити и т.д..

Система пластификации, дегазации, фильтрации, гранулирования в принципе одна же как на простом одношековым грануляторе.

ASPTM гранулятор экономит площадь нужную для рассположения оборудования, и энергический расход.

Product Introduction


Machine Model ASPTM
Target recycled material HDPE,LDPE,PP,BOPP,CPP,OPP,PA,PC,PS,PU,ABS
Final Product Shape Particles
System composition Belt conveyor, crusher, single screw extruder, filtration, vacuum degassing, pelletizing system, water-cooling device, Dehydration Section, Conveyor Fan, Product Silo.
Output Range 150kg/h
Feeding Device Belt Conveyor (Standard), Roll Hualing off device (Optional)
Diameter of screw 80mm (Standard)
Material of screw Alloy
L/D of screw 31 / 1,32 / 1,34 / 1,36 / 1 (According to the characteristics of recycling)
Heater of barrel Ceramic heater or Far-infrared heater
Cooling of Barrel Air cooling of fans through blowers
Vacuum deashing exhaust Two Double-zone vacuum degassing system (Standard)
Pelletizing type Water-ring pelletizing/ water-strands pelletizing/ Under-water pelletizing
Voltage Standard According to the Voltage of the Customer's Location
Optioanl device Metal detector, Roll hualing off device, Masterbatch and additives feeder
Warranty 13 months from the date of bill of lading
Technical services project design, factory construction, installation and recommendations, commissioning

In collaboration with European shredders supplier, the specialized shredding rotors set to combine with single screw extruders, to pre-reduce, crush and enforcing feed various plastics scraps; the plastic scraps can be in form of film, bottles, raffia, woven bag/non-woven, fabrics, purges,lumps; it is a universal system for all kinds of plastic scrap, in any kind of condition.

Crushing and compacting

A regular single plate/piston double station screen changer or non-stop double plate/piston four-station screen changer can be installed on head of extruder to present significant filtration performance. The requirements on the filter technology depend heavily on the quality of input material as well as the planned use of granules.

A specialized single screw extruder applied to gently melt the crushed plastics scraps. The handled scraps shall be melted, plasticized on a 32D processing section. With double-zone vacuum degassing system, volatiles such as moisture and low-moleculars will be removed efficiency, especially suitable to heavy printed and moisture-sensitive plastics scraps re-pelletizing.

Plasticization and degassing

Die-face water ring pelletizing system set as the standard granulating method in ASPTM system. Self-adjusting pelletizing head for the best granulate quality and long using-life thanks to consistently correct blake pressure. RPM of rotatory blades is automatic based on melt extruding pressure.

Melt filtration

Advantages of ASPTM shredding and pelletizing machine:

  • Suitable to both light/heavy recycles;
  • Easier operation;
  • Smaller space occupation:
  • Intelligence: One-button syart/stop;
  • Lower energy comsuption, 25%down.