Product Name : APET Plastic PET Bottles Washing and Pelletizing Recycling line
Product Description
PET PET Transparent Bottles
Fragments of PET bottles
Compressing PET Bottles for Recycling
Recycled Plastic Granules Compliant with Food Standards
Film Products from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Easy recycling and valuable plastics

As a renewable energy source, plastic can be sustainable.
ACERETECH can achieve regeneration in a closed loop. The solution is made with low energy consumption and high grade standards. Ability to recycle discarded beverage bottles to food grade standards. Our recycling technology makes a big difference.

Product Introduction

APET Plastic PET Bottles Washing and Pelletizing Recycling line

ACERETECH PET Recycling Solution
Easy recycling and valuable plastics

As a renewable energy source, plastic can be sustainable.
ACERETECH can achieve regeneration in a closed loop. The solution is made with low energy consumption and high grade standards. Ability to recycle discarded beverage bottles to food grade standards. Our recycling technology makes a big difference.

ACERETECH Complete Solutions for Plastic Bottles Recycling
ACERETECH able to provide complete solutions

--Bottles and sorting system
--Washing line
--Pelletizing system
--Viscosity increase system

ACERETECH Pre-Sorting System
Bottles and Sorting System

Pre-sorting of the incoming material.
Separation of foreign matter and impurities and sorting of the input material.
--Separation of the containers.
--Remove undesired foreign matter and impurities such as wood, sand, glass and metal, as well as coloured plastic materials and foreign polymers.
--Remove labels.
--Crushing into flakes.
The pre-sorting system can be individually adjusted to the quality of the infeed material, the local conditions and the required levels of purity.

ACERETECH Sorting System for Plastic Bottles Recycling
Bottles and Sorting System

Belt De-baler Belt Trommel Manual sorting Belt
Belt Pre wash Screw loader
Vibrating feeder
Belt Bottle sorting Belt Manual sorting Crusher
Label remover
PET pellets for high-grade uses require precise recycling solutions.
In the pre-processing at the front end, we select high-quality bottles. Remove sand, wood and other impurities.

ACERETECH Plastic Crushers and Shredders for Waste Recycling

* Higher throughput with reduced power consumption because of optimal geometry of the rotor and cutting chamber;
* Optimal rotor knife mounting for heavy duty application and high cutting power;
* Better quality cut ( granule shape ) and lower noise level due to exact cutting gap and optimal rotor design;
* With hydraulic system, heavy duty and stronger push power;

ACERETECH Complete Washing Lines for the Recycling of Plastics Waste
Washing line

Excellent cleaning results with ACERETECH washing technology.
--Caustic cleaning with caustic renewal
--Multi-stage post-washer
--Automatic waste management system reduces the operator’s work
--Separation of labels and caps using a float-sink separation system and sifter

ACERETECH Washing Line with Pre-treatment, Caustic Washing and Hot Post-Washing
Washing line

The ACERETECH washing process with pre-treatment, caustic washing and hot post-washing ensures clean flakes with the best usability for high quality applications (fiber, film, injection mould).

ACERETECH Pelletizing System for Plastic Scraps Recycling
Pelletizing system

The high-standard granulator can keep the viscosity of the flakes basically unchanged, and the quality is guaranteed.
--Vacuum Loader
--Vacuum-state sliding gate feeding device
--Vacuum pump units and dust filtering system
--Reactor with 5 layers combined cutter discs
--Single screw extruder
--Backflush screen changer
--Melt pump
--Melt viscosity online measurement system
--Automatic Under water Pelletizing system
--Packing system

SSP PET Continuity Plastic Recycling Grinder Pelletizing Machine
Viscosity increase system -- SSP

The latest efficient recycling solution. Thanks to the vacuum technology, the SSP IV increasing technology, and the pelletizing extruder specially made by ACERETECH, the IV value of the final PET granules can meet the requirements, and this value can be stably maintained. Even there are uneven IV values and moisture content of the raw materials, the final pellets can be maintained at a reasonable, qualified IV value within a set interval, meanwhile the quality and the output are always stable. lt can maintain a stable lV value output for further downstream processing and molding, such as stretch blow molding, up to 100% bottle-to-bottle technology in new bottles.
Compared with bottle flakes, the advantages of particle viscosity: the particle size is uniform and there is no powder, resulting in a uniform final viscosity.

PET Recycling Pelletizer Machine with LSP System
Viscosity increase system -- LSP

Applicable materials PET film, sheet, scrap, perforated waste or fabric fibers, polyester cloth and waste silk and etc. Features.
For this LSP equipment. the Spray cooling vacuum exhaust device and the multi-screw large area vacuum exhaust extruder are the core equipment. Compared with the normal exhaust device, the spray cooling vacuum exhaust device can increase the empty surface area of PET melt to 1000 times, while the multi-screw large area vacuum exhaust extruder can not only increase the surface area of PET melt, but also can achieve PET homogenization. These two devices combined with a powerful vacuum pump can fully remove the glycol in PET and improve the degree of polymerization of the melt. This process will promote the production of PET new molecule, finally achieve the purpose of increasing the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of PET.

ACERETECH Data Terminal Consultant System For Intelligent Recycling Machine
Data terminal consultant systemfor Intelligent

MachineACERETECH in the digital processEquipment maintenance includes functions such as automatic notifcation of planned maintenance ofequipment, convenient and rapid formulation of work orders for equipment failure maintenance,and timely execution of maintenance and repair.All steps of execution and processing are sent online and in real time with short messages to ensure efhcientmaintenance of equipment and reduce downtime.Time, improve production efhciency,and ensure equipment utilization. Support data analysis and decision-making functions. The data provided by the system can grasp the  production operation indicators such as equipment failure rate in time.The equipment maintenance data can be quickly analyzed and summarized, which isbenefcial for management to make business decisions.

Certifications of Aceretech Machinery Company
What can we do for you?

Aceretech can provide washing and pelletizing turn-key solution for allcustomers.
Please contact professional sales team from Aceretech, they will provide you with the customized solutions. All the design drawings and technical specifcations can be provided according to your request.

Installation, Testing and Training

Aceretech can arrange engineer to customers’factory for installtion, testing and training according to your needs. lt will facilitate a better integration for the new factory and new machine.Engineer can offer training lessons at customer's factory during the installation, customer can also send their engineer to Aceretech for training.
The technician from Aceretech will introduce all the parts ofoperation and maintenance equipment for customersengineer.Aceretech will provide detail instruction manuals for all the customers, operation will be more convenient.Before delivery,Acerectch will also provide you layout drawings and other installation requirements,it will help your operators are fully prepared for production,and improve operational effciencies.Please contact sales from Aceretech arrange on-site work.

Spare Parts

Aceretech has spare parts in stock and our highly effcient service staff wil ensure that any required parts are shipped without delay.Spare parts can betransported by air by sea or by courier.dependina on the emeraencycondition.We encourage our customers to hold their own key spare parts. such as pelletizing blades and rubber sealings to ensure best machine conditions and production performance incase spare parts delayed.

Service Support

Your Aceretech sales representative will provide you professional consult. ongoing service and spare parts.

Dream of Aceretech - Easy Recycling Valuable Plastics
Our Dream

Through our solution, we can restore the value of waste plastics to human beings, instead of causing environmental problems, making the whole recycling system simpler and more foolish.

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