Raw material introduction: crushed PET film 
Machine Type: ACS500/100 single screw extruder machine (Since the customer has purchased the screen changer and subsequent pelletizing system, we are only responsible for the extruder and its front-end equipment)
Customer location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Machine configuration: 
Belt Conveyor - Compactor - Extruder - Vacuum pumping system - Die head
Belt conveyor: The unique frame design can adjust the height of the belt at will, even if the ground of the customer factory is uneven, it can adjust the height of the frame to assemble the machine accurately;
Compactor: Double plate structure, sliding door and compactor inverter, used for better drying
Extruder: Special screw structure, perfect combination of screw transport performance and mixing function, reduce the shear force of PET material in the process of plasticizing and melting, and better guarantee the IV value of final PET pellets;
Vacuum pumping system: Equipped with three-stage roots pump to fully remove the volatile impurities in PET raw materials
Die head: Cast aluminum die head
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