Product Name : Dehumidification And Drying System For Plastic Pelletizing Machine
Product Description

Dehumidification and Drying System

The raw materials after modified granulation are transported to VOC homogenization deodorization bin through negative pressure, and the deodorization temperature is adjusted to a suitable state. At the same time, the raw materials in the VOC homogenization deodorizing bin are continuously rolled and homogenized to achieve the effect of homogenization and deodorization.

Product Introduction


Raw material & formula Plastic Granules
Final product Particles after removal of odor
Output capacity 500kg/h  1000kg/h   2000kg/h

VOC Deodorization Drying Tower

Equipment Features:
It is used for the diffusion of hot air into the heat preservation barrel for raw material deodorization;
The barrel body structure conforms to the principle of fluid mechanics, so that the air can be diffused evenly and the odor can be completely removed;
The bottom blowing air inlet design can reduce the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts and enhance the deodorization effect;
The feeding system is equipped with a cut-off suction box to effectively clean the pipe and avoid blocking;
There is overheating protection device, which can reduce accidents caused by human or mechanical faults;
Precision temperature controller, D.P;
Special PLC program design, VOC homogenization and deodorization time is sufficient to meet the odor removal time;

Cooling Silo:

Equipment Features:
The material is used for the cooling of raw materials;
The barrel is made of s30408 material, easy to clean and avoid corrosion;
Transparent visible material window, convenient to check the raw materials in the barrel;
With cone diffuser, the cooling efficiency is higher;
The height of the discharge port from the ground can be made according to the height specified by the customer;

Homogenizing conveying system

Equipment Features:
It is used for conveying granular materials;
Open mold casting is increased at the discharge port of the vacuum hopper to prevent bridge blocking and stable transportation;
The design of two-stage cyclone dust collector and enlarged filter barrel is convenient and quick to maintain;
Equipped with vacuum breaking valve to protect the fan [above 5.5kW];
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