According to the recycling experience of ACERETECH, the most important thing to deal with the regeneration and granulation of PET materials is how to reduce the IV value as much as possible. During the recycling process, try to keep the front-end raw materials as dry as possible, and increase the deashing and exhaust of the recycled materials. Compared with the recycled materials, the clean scraps in the factory can keep the IV value basically unchanged during the granulation process, and the maximum decrease Can be completely controlled within 0.03.
Our recommended models are ACS compaction granulator, ATE parallel twin-screw granulator, ACT cone twin-screw granulator.
For more details about the case, please consult your sales staff. We will provide more good advice based on recycling experience to help you.
Customer area: China
Material: rear PET zipper;
Scheme design capacity: 300--380kg / h;
Actual production capacity: 330kg / h;
Finished product: PET pellets;
Final choice of granulator: ACS compaction granulator;
Factory auxiliary configuration: front-end crushing equipment, flue gas collection and processing equipment, chiller.
Schematic diagram of the final design model (automatic drawing and pelletizing)
Finished particles
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