ECOPET began its industrial activity in the area of ​​recycling PET containers in 2002, being the first Plant of this type in Uruguay. Since its inception, it has traveled a path of successive improvements incorporating new equipment and processes, which have resulted in obtaining recycled material in excellent condition. It is required for high value-added processes, not only in the region (Mercosur, Chile, etc.) but also outside it (USA, Spain and Israel).
Aceretech has been offering PET washing lines since 2020, and the equipment was installed in 2021, it was a complete washing line for post-consumer PET bottles with a throughput of 1000kg per hour. And the final product is clean flakes.
The entire solution deals with the process including band - bale breaker - unlabeling machine - mill - flotation tubs (several) - hot wash (several) - friction wash (several) - clean water wash - label separator - centrifugal drying - silo, etc.

PET Wahsing Lines - ACERETECH
The raw materials are mainly water bottles, PET plastic soft drinks, and transparent or colored soft drink bottles.

PET Bottle Washing Lines
They combine cold washing together with hot washing with at a well-controlled temperature to have a good washing of the PET flakes.

PET Bottle Washing Solutions
In the final stage of the laundry, you have the spray washer that is passed with clean water to do the last wash. Since in the other equipment the water is recyclable and comes from water treatment.
In this project, we have designed a special label separator to adapt to the height of this client's warehouse. That equipment does the work of separating the labels or dust in the final flakes, and it is an important purification process.

ACERETECH PET Washing Line Systems
The entire system is automated PLC control and with modular designs.
By recycling PET bottles we are protecting the environment, we reduce the consumption of natural resources in the manufacture of virgin PET resin (because it is a petroleum derivative), reducing the damage to ecosystems resulting from the exploitation of the said resource. In addition, by removing the bottles from the garbage, we not only reduce the volume of waste to be disposed of in the final (sanitary) disposal sites, but we also ensure that they prolong their useful life and prevent them from ending up as a sanitary landfill.
Aceretech together with our clients gives more life to plastics, and we contribute to the circular economy.
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