From the first week of Oct, 2022, we started with the after-sales service tour in Latin America, which the first visit was in Colombia.
Colombia is an important market for Aceretech, we have several clients with big names in this plastic recycling industry, such as PQA, Plastilene, Rimax, Colplast etc. During this visit, we went to cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Manizales, etc. We finished the installations and training for these most outstanding machines:
- Cascade type pelletizer with self-cleaning filter and underwater cutting for materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PP both in rigid ground forms and in film forms, production 600kg per hour.
- Cascade type pelletizer for PP grinds, production 800-1000kg per hour.
- Entire washing and pelletizing line for greenhouse film 1000kg per input hour.

Photos of ACERETECH and our Colombian customers

And another most important visit is Mexico, since since 2016, Aceretech has had many sales, and in order to provide better services to customers, we decided to visit cities such as CDMX, Toluca, Querétaro, Morelia, Monterrey, Arandas, Guadalajara, which They are industrial cities, and plastic recycling is more concentrated. With the absence due to the pandemic, many clients lack training, and get more performance from the machines. But after the visit of our Tao technician, the operators and managers of the plant know each other better, and they all have in-depth knowledge of machinery and a more detailed maintenance plan.
We have received good comments by many customers, such as

Apart from the visitor service, we also combine online services through whatsapp or wechat groups. In each group with each client, we have our design, mechanical, computer, electrical technicians, for any query from the client, they react quickly, and in this case each client is well attended.

Photos of ACERETECH and our Mexican business partners

This is how we invest in our after-sales service for each customer, this is how we grow together with each Aceretech customer. ACERETECH looks forward to becoming your preferred partner for plastic recycling equipment.
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